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School Spotlight: Wittenberg University

Anyone driving east on 70 from Indianapolis, west from Columbus or north on 71 from Cincinnati would likely have come across signs for Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. Unless you are from the area, you may not be too familiar with this private, Lutheran-affiliated, liberal arts university. If you are looking for an intimate student experience in the midwest with highly accessible faculty and strong participation in both varsity and intramural sports, take a look at the Tigers.

Five Fun Facts about Wittenberg:

1) Witt has a mandatory 30 hour community service requirement, stemming from its belief that "each student should serve, connect and reflect as they learn to pass their light on to others." Students complete this requirement through a class called Community Service 100, and are given over 45 different sites to choose from to engage in meaningful service opportunities. Whether students are interested in helping animals, teaching literacy, assisting older adults, tackling homelessness or poverty, working to preserve the environment, among many other areas of need, they get the opportunity to give back to their community.

2) The Fiske Guide designates Wittenberg among just 25 "small colleges and universities strong in drama." Arts are celebrated not only on Witt's campus but in Springfield - admission to the Springfield Museum of Art is free for students, faculty, staff and alumni. One course in the arts is required of all Witt students, regardless of major.

3) During non-COVID times, 35% of Witt students study abroad or study away. Witt faculty run programs in Cost Rica, South Africa, and Germany or students can choose other destinations through direct exchange or consortia programs.

4) Wittenberg offers generous financial aid, awarding over 98% of students financial aid or scholarships. Merit awards range from $17k to $27K - a cumulative GPA ranging between 3.7-3.99 can give first year freshmen a $25K scholarship. Witt also offers special interest awards in areas like chemistry, civic engagement, environmental science, and leadership; Lutheran scholarships, and incentives like Priority Tiger, a $1,000 award for applicants who apply by November 15.

5) Who would have thought that a university in Ohio would offer education in marine science? Well, Wittenberg has a partnership with Duke University, which allows students interested in marine science to study for a semester at the Duke Marine Laboratory. Students also get a three-week field experience at the Gerace Research Center in the Bahamas.

One more interesting fact? 70% of Witt students participated in a high school sport. 40% participate in a varsity sports team on campus. The new health, wellness and athletic complex has a indoor practice facility called The Steemer, thanks to the generous gift provided by the Bates family of Stanley Steemer fame.

Wittenberg University

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