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Why work with me?

I am passionate about helping individuals achieve educational and professional success. I have seen the doors that have been opened for thousands of students through higher education. I will meet you wherever you are at on your educational journey and help you develop a plan for reaching your next destination.

I take a personal interest in my clients' success and will always deliver outstanding service to those who have decided to work with me. 


Contact me today to find out how we can partner together to achieve your goals. 


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"She has a great eye for talent, brought in amazing students to OSU, and excelled at creating personal, positive experiences for all candidates at the Fisher College of Business. It is easy to find recruiting processes at organizations that are impersonal and unresponsive, potentially causing unrealized damage to the organization’s reputation. Alison ensured that all candidates were treated with the upmost respect and there was a focus on building relationships with each person."



"Alison is truly one of a kind. As a student looking into many different business schools, she played a crucial role in my ultimate decision to choose Fisher. Her commitment to go above and beyond for each student was extremely impressive. She took it upon herself to make the recruiting process personal and seamless and she continued to maintain her relationships with all of us in an extremely genuine way!"



"I chose to come across the country to Ohio State for graduate school largely because of Alison and her recruiting team at Fisher. The values she and her team embodies have permeated throughout the program and its student body. Her years or experience are clearly evident. Even beyond admission, Alison retained an interest in my education and Fisher experience, as I know she did with countless other students. I have always been impressed by Alison’s ability to make time in her busy schedule for others and to build a unified culture, all while attracting top talent from Ohio and around the country."

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"As an international student from Vietnam, I really enjoyed Ms. Merzel’s always warm support and detailed guidance on what needed to be done so that I could do my work well. Her sharing about Columbus and other things in the US really helped me to adapt to new environment. She cared about my study and workload to make sure that I got the most out of my education while being able to fulfill my role of MBA Ambassador. I strongly believe in Ms. Merzel’s industriousness, friendliness, support, and warm and caring character."

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