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Comprehensive Packages or
Individual Services

You have a high school student who needs a plan. I can help them execute it. While most students I work with are targeting four-year degrees immediately after high school, some are looking for an alternate path. Whether your student has a clear idea of what they want to study and what career path they want to pursue, or they couldn’t even tell you their favorite subject in school, I can help. The job of an Independent Educational Consultant is to help you explore educational options based on the needs of your student. If college is their path, I will help you navigate the complexities of the college admissions process. 

My comprehensive package allows me to really get to know your student and provide the most thorough and customized guidance; however, I recognize that not everyone is looking for an all-inclusive option. My packages and services are outlined here for your review - please contact me to set up a complimentary consultation to further discuss what might be right for you:



60-minute in-person or video appointments designed for students/families that need assistance with one element of the college planning process but do not anticipate needing services throughout.


With this package, we will first work together to discover your strengths, challenge areas, interests, and personal/academic goals. The student will begin to prioritize key factors that influence the college selection process. We will develop a a list of colleges and universities that align with the student’s academic abilities, personal and career interests, family’s budget, and student’s social/emotional needs.



This package is designed for the self-aware student who has done comprehensive research to understand which schools would be a strong fit, but would like assistance managing the application process. Includes access to a college planning platform, help with application and financial aid strategy, deadline management, essay brainstorming and editing within an essay management portal, and guidance through application completion.


This is only available to juniors after January.


This is a comprehensive package that includes a highly customized approach and ensures that you have a consultant who will guide you through the entire college admissions process. Consultation starts from the beginning of the college planning process early in high school and takes you through the confirmation of acceptance/deposit. This package is inclusive of the services outlined in the other packages. Ideally, students begin their work with AHM Advising at the end of sophomore year/prior to junior year.

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