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School Spotlight: University of Pittsburgh

Updated: May 8, 2023

H2P or "Hail to Pitt," the school's fight song, reflects how students feel about their school at large, not just as they cheer for their team at sporting events. Thought of as a large university with a small feel, Pitt is a great option for students looking for an excellent public school near a vibrant city with tremendous opportunities across a variety of academic disciplines.

Here are your Five Fun Facts about Pitt:

1) "Cathy" is the nick-name for the neo-Gothic academic building called the Cathedral of Learning, that is the hallmark of Pitt's campus. It is the tallest education building in the Americas and resembles Hogwarts for you Harry Potter fans. Check it out through their virtual tour:

2) If you know exactly what you want to do after college, you can indicate interest in one of several Guaranteed Admissions Programs alongside your undergraduate application. If you meet the requirements, you may enter college with guaranteed admissions into a graduate or professional degree program in law, business, medicine, engineering, among many others. Pitt also offers a fast-track to some graduate programs like law through a 3/3 program. Students may apply for early admission to law school after three years in the College of Arts and Sciences, for example.

3) Pitt's University Honors College offers students the rare opportunity to graduate with a prestigious Bachelor of Philosophy degree, considered to be the highest undergraduate distinction. This degree would be appropriate for a student who is passionate about research and intends to continue pursuing a doctoral education.

4) Students who wish to have a well-rounded college experience and further develop their personal and leadership skills should consider the Outside the Classroom Curriculum. This co-curricular opportunity offers development in 10 different goal areas including communication skills, global and cultural awareness, and service.

5) Pitt offers 350 study abroad options in 82 countries. A Pitt Study Abroad program being led this summer by an anthropology professor will take students to Tokyo and Osaka for Sport As Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics.

Want to know more about Pitt? Connect with a Pitt Pathfinder and get the student perspective.

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