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School Spotlight: University of Miami

Updated: May 8, 2023

In January in Ohio, Miami probably sounds quite appealing to a lot of people. Beyond having a desirable winter climate and access to the beach within twenty minutes, University of Miami has in its favor an outstanding academic reputation. Did you know that UM is the most selective university in Florida, accepting only 32% of the applicant pool?

Here are your Five Fun Facts about UM:

1) Miami's curriculum is structured based on cognates - a series of 3 courses connected by a particular area of knowledge. All courses fall under one of 3 areas of knowledge - Arts and Humanities, People and Society, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

2) Miami's five co-ed residential colleges are modeled after those at Oxford and Cambridge. They are living and learning communities, where students have opportunities to connect academically and socially, creating stronger connections with their classmates and faculty. First year students must live on campus for the first two academic semesters, unless their primary residence is local.

3) While Category 5 may be a designation marking the severity of a hurricane, for these 'Canes, it is the name of the Spirit Programming Board. This student-run board, which is a branch of student government, links the student body with the Athletic Department to create and sustain a positive school spirit and engaged culture around athletic programming at UM. UM competes in the Division 1 Atlantic Coast conference (7 men's sports and 9 women's sports) and offers access to an extensive number of interesting club sports including kiteboarding, rock climbing, SCUBA and waterpolo.

4) UM has three different campuses and has 11 colleges, 9 of which offer degrees at the undergraduate level. One of these colleges which is more unique to the school is the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. The Rosenstiel School offers undergraduate degree programs in Geological Sciences, Marine Science, Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Affairs, Meteorology and Oceanology.

5) The city of Miami is a great place to gain professional experience. 1,400 multinational companies have office in Miami, opening up access for co-curricular opportunities and internships for students, as well as enhancing their global perspective. Miami has also been recognized as a top startup city among the 40 largest metro areas in the U.S., earning the #1 spot in 2017 by the Kauffman Index. Budding entrepreneurs can pursue an Entrepreneurship major in the Herbert School or join the entrepreneurship club.

When you apply to University of Miami, you apply directly into your major of choice, except if you are looking at the BFA in Theatre Arts, the Frost School of Music, or the School of Architecture - these have supplemental requirements prior to a direct entry. Unlike the public schools in Florida, UM was test optional this past year - the testing requirements for Fall 2022 enrollment have not yet been determined.

Learn more about the Hurricanes through multiple virtual opportunities.

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