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School Spotlight: University of Dayton

Updated: May 8, 2023

University of Dayton is a mid-sized Catholic and Marianist university whose mission to "learn, lead and serve" is embodied throughout the entire student experience. You might think that the majority of students at UD are Ohioans, but 51% actually come from out-of-state. Here are some more fun facts about the UD Flyers!

1) Flyer Enterprises is a student-run business allowing students to own and operate 10 different companies on and off campus. It is one of the largest completely student-run corporations in the world, engaging 200 entrepreneurial students in learning to run businesses including a coffeehouse, smoothie shop, and storage and moving facility.

2) UD's Davis Center for Portfolio Management gives budding investors and portfolio managers the opportunity to manage a part of the university's endowment. The center is equipped with the leading financial financial analysis software like Bloomberg and Morningstar Direct, and offers leadership training and investment management preparation to 50-60 undergraduate students who are seeking real-world financial management experience in preparation for their careers.

3) You may be familiar with the Wright Brothers, those ingenuous inventor brothers who created and flew the first airplane. Well, Orville and Wilbur hailed from Dayton, Ohio so the name Dayton Flyers pays homage and tribute to these legendary Dayton brothers. There are 17 Division 1 sports that play under the Flyers name. Dayton students are generally quite athletic, with 50% of them participating in intramural or club sports.

4) Dayton offers a transparent tuition plan for students. If you enroll at UD, you will see your entire 4 year cost laid out for you upfront. Your first year tuition will be frozen over 4 years and any scholarships or grants you receive will increase each year to ensure that your tuition does not rise.

5) The ETHOS Center at UD, Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning, gives engineering students the chance to gain hands-on experience both locally and globally. Students in past years have had tremendous opportunities, like working on road repair in Malawi; helping to design an irrigation system in rural Bolivia, and helping to produce prosthetic limbs in La Paz, Bolivia.

Not sure what exactly you want to study? 40% of incoming students apply to a UD Discover Program, which gives students a chance to explore different fields within an academic division before deciding on a major.

UD is offering limited in person visits as well as virtual ones, so check out whether it might be the right place for you!

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