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School Spotlight: Tufts University

You may be aware that Tufts is considered both a Tier 1 research institution and a liberal arts college, but did you also know that you could enroll at Tufts as an undergraduate student in the fine arts? In 2016 Boston's School of Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) officially became a part of Tufts University.

Here are 5 more Fun Facts about Tufts University:

1) Outside of the SMFA, the two other undergraduate schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering are located in the Medford/Somerville campus, just outside of Boston. All Tufts Arts and Sciences students enter the university as "undecided" regardless of whether they know what they want to study. You have two years to decide on your major and of 40 total classes, a typical major comprises 10-15 of them. You will have to take some distribution requirements in arts, natural sciences, social sciences, math and the humanities, and meet a foreign language/culture requirement. Engineering students also enter undecided and must declare a major by the end of your first year.

2) Is there a class you wish was offered that you don't see in the course catalog? You may be able to create it yourself through the Experimental College.

3) Are you passionate about civic engagement, politics, and activism? The Tisch College of Civic Life is headed up by Dean Alan Solomont, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra. Through Tisch, students have the opportunity to take courses in civic studies, attend events by renowned speakers, pursue internships and study abroad programs, volunteer, and get involved in student organizations - all with the mission to develop the knowledge and skills they need to work towards strengthening communities and advancing the greater good.

4) When The School of Museum of the Fine Arts in Fenway combined with Tufts, it created the only interdisciplinary studio art school embedded in a tier 1 research university. Students can apply for a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts or apply for a 5-year combined BFA/BA or BFA/BS degree, taking advantage of the breadth of academic options offered at one of the other undergraduate campuses.

5) Tufts will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need of admitted students, regardless of citizenship, through a combination of grants, loans, and work-study programs.

Bonus fun facts:

The Tufts masco is an elephant named Jumbo.

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