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School Spotlight: Ohio Wesleyan University

This past weekend, my children performed in the junior piano festival through the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs, which happened to be hosted on the Ohio Wesleyan campus. OWU has a charming campus in Delaware, Ohio, and is a great fit for students who are looking for a more intimate liberal arts school with particular strength in pre-professional education.

Ohio Wesleyan aerial view

Five Fun Facts about Ohio Wesleyan University:

1) If you are looking to start your own business, OWU may be a great choice. In 2015 Forbes Magazine ranked OWU the #1 college for entrepreneurship in Ohio and #17 in the nation.

2) Each year the Ohio Wesleyan President's Club hosts the President's Ball in December, bringing students, faculty, and staff together for a formal night of dancing with music by the campus jazz band and a DJ. Learn about other traditions at OWU.

3) The Sagan National Colloquium is considered to be OWU's most prominent co-curricular program, uniting liberal arts and civic engagement through a series of lectures, screenings, projects, classes, and other events with a different theme each year - this year focused on how OWU alumni are working to change the world.

4) Ohio Wesleyan has been selected as one of the "Colleges that Change Lives." I previously spotlighted Denison and Willamette from this list. One of the reasons why: through the OWU Connection, every student is guaranteed an opportunity to gain practical experience that is relevant to their goals.

5) The OWU Battling Bishops have won the North Coast Atlantic Conference (NCAC) All-Sports Trophy 9 times, won 5 national titles and hundreds of conference championships.

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