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School Spotlight: Middlebury College

Updated: May 8, 2023

If these days you feel like escaping to a bucolic setting that could restore faith in humanity and give you a renewed sense of hope for the future, Middlebury College may be your calling. While highly selective, accepting only 16% of students, this is a fantastic college for the lucky ones who get in.

Five Fun Facts about Middlebury College:

1) Middlebury has one of the oldest and largest mid-year enrollment options. Affectionally named "Febs," the students who join in February graduate as Class of 20XX.5 and sport .5 signs upon completion of their degree - they also mark the momentous event by skiing in a cap and gown (prior experience not necessary, making this a rather humorous occasion).

2) Hoping to find your future life partner in college? There is a fun myth that 60% of Middlebury alums marry other Middlebury alums - this has been debunked, as the real percentage is more like 16%, but it speaks to the strength of the Middlebury community and the alumni network - Mids look out for each other.

3) Interested in studying abroad? Middlebury runs study abroad programs at 37 universities around the world. More than 50% of the junior year class chooses to study abroad each year. Foreign language instruction has had a long history at Middlebury - students can choose from 11 undergraduate language programs on campus or study languages through an immersion program over the summer with the Middlebury Language Schools.

4) Students applying to Middlebury do not need to know what they want to study. In fact, all students are automatically declared as undecided until the middle of sophomore year. The goal is for students to explore the first year seminars first and get a sense of their interests prior to selecting a major.

5) Middlebury is a carbon neutral campus and a perfect place to study for students interested in environmental studies. They have the oldest undergraduate Environmental Studies program in the country. The program is housed in Vermont's first LEED certified building, the Franklin Environmental Center.

Check out this beautiful campus through virtual visit options here.

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