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School Spotlight: Lynn University

Updated: May 8, 2023

If you are looking for a small university that makes a big impact on the lives of the students who choose to enroll there, consider Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Lynn has just over 2,000 undergraduate students from 45 states and 101 countries. While the weather is absolutely a bonus, there are several other factors that make Lynn a school that is a terrific fit for certain students.

1) Lynn is continuously recognized as an outstanding choice for students who have learning differences. Lynn's Institute for Achievement and Learning is open to all students and offers educational assessments, tutoring, and writing support. Students in the comprehensive, fee-based program are offered even more resources, individualized support and coaching by professionals who are trained to work with students who have learning challenges.

2) Lynn has been a pioneer in integrating technology into their curriculum and instructional model. They have been using tablet-based learning (iPad initiative) for almost a decade and are an Apple Distinguished School. Every Lynn students gets an iPad and saves thousands of dollars on textbooks, as the faculty have created custom, multi-touch books that are tailored specifically for Lynn students and offered at no cost.

3) Lynn's curriculum was overhauled to address the needs of today's workforce. In a presentation about Lynn, Katrina Carter-Tellison, The VP of Academic Affairs, shared that they wanted to design the curriculum to develop students' oral and written communication skills, analytical thinking and critical reasoning, collaboration and creativity. The core curriculum, called Dialogues, includes 12 courses that focus on four main areas - Belief and Reason, Self and Society, Justice and Civic Life, and Innovation, as well as quantitative reasoning and scientific literacy. These themes span the four years of the Lynn experience and are interwoven with essential skill development that prepares students for successful entry into their chosen careers.

4) In addition to colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, Communication and Design, and Education, Lynn has a Conservatory of Music and a College of Aeronautics, offering undergraduate degrees in Aviation Management, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Operations, Aviation Security and Professional Pilot.

5) Lynn offers free counseling to students by trained psychotherapists as a parts of the Lynn Counseling Center, which is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, a designation that is awarded to college/university counseling centers that have achieved the highest standard of mental health care for its students.

Learn more about Lynn University here!

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