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School Spotlight: Goucher College

Updated: May 8, 2023

If you follow my school spotlights, you know that I try to alternate between large and small schools, private and public schools, and highlight schools in different geographic regions of the country. Today I am featuring another CTCL school, Goucher College. CTLC is actually hosting a virtual roadshow starting next week and you can register to learn more about Goucher on August 18th here.

Here are Five Fun Facts about Goucher, a small liberal arts college in Baltimore, Maryland:

1) In a non-COVID world, Goucher has a 100% participation requirement to study abroad. All undergraduate students are required to study abroad at least once before graduation and Goucher has been recognized by Princeton Review as the most popular study abroad program. Students can choose a three-week intensive program or a semester abroad, or perhaps even qualify as a Fulbright finalist like the four students who were selected in the 2017-2018 academic year.

2) Each year, Goucher offers close to 25 seminar classes in a variety of topics just for first-year students. Topics range from Engineering the Future to Shakespeare on Screen, giving students the opportunity to learn among an intimate group of classmates in a discussion-based class about a topic for which they have a lot of passion and knowledge or just pure curiosity.

3) All majors and minors at Goucher focus on their core principles of writing, global education, foreign language and data analytics. This past spring, Goucher announced 8 new majors, including education studies, with an option to pursue a certificate in elementary education through a 4+1 program. The interdisciplinary engineering science major and integrative data analytics major are two other new additions. A new minor that was added? Religion and Justice.

4) Have you ever heard of the game Humans vs. Zombies? In this live-action tag game, players start as humans and need to avoid a zombie invasion. The game was founded in 2005 at Goucher College! Goucher has over 60 student clubs and organizations and certainly encourages starting your own. Check out Bad Movies Club, Beekeeping Club or the Garam Gophers Bollywood Dance Club!

5) Goucher offers a first-year village, where 450 first-year students live, study, and socialize within three new residence halls (established in 2016 and 2018). The first-year village is located near the recreation center and the centralized dining center. The campus is located 10 miles from downtown Baltimore, but offers lots of green space - it is surrounded by 287 wooded acres, walking trails and streams. If you happen to be on a road-trip, they are offering drive-through campus tours daily at 12pm and 2pm!

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