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School Spotlight: Emerson College

Updated: May 8, 2023

Some students will thrive in a less traditional academic environment, one where hands-on, project-based learning is the norm. For strong students who are creative, collaborative, and have an interest in communications and/or the arts, Emerson should certainly be on the list. Here are five fun facts about Emerson College:

1) Emerson was founded as a school of oratory, elocution, and dramatic art. It currently offers 25 majors in communications and the arts. Emerson first offered training in speech pathology in the 1930s. Students interested in speech pathology or audiology can pursue a BS in Communication Disorders, preparing them for employment or graduate school.

2) Emerson is located in the heart of Boston's Theatre District and owns more performance space than any other institution in Boston, so of course students come here to pursue undergraduate degrees in a host of performing arts programs from Acting to Stage & Production Management to Theatre Education - if it involves the performing arts, it is offered as a BFA at Emerson. Creative-minded students with interests in the business of arts or entertainment may be excited about the unique Business of Creative Enterprises degree program.

3) Emerson students are encouraged to participate in global programs to expand their perspectives and cross-cultural understanding. They can apply to study music in the Berklee Valencia program or participate in a Global Pathway Program like the Prague Summer Film Program or the Screenwriters' Lab in Patmos, Greece.

4) Does the name Max Mutchnick ring a bell? The Co-Creator and Executive Producer of TV's Will & Grace is an Emerson alum. After giving Emerson a major gift, they named their student center after him. The Max Mutchnick Campus Center has a cafe, lounges, and meeting rooms for students. Curious about other famous alums? Check out all of these people who have earned an Emerson BFA in Comedic Arts (I bet you have heard of Denis Leary, Jay Leno, and Henry Winkler)

5) Students who are passionate about social justice will find like-minded people on this campus. Emerson's Social Justice Center "works with and supports individuals and communities through personal and systems advocacy, community-centered projects, and radical care."

Wondering about sports? The Emerson Lions have fourteen NCAA Division III teams. You can cheer on your classmates on the field or the court and then go watch some other ones perform on stage!

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