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School Spotlight: Drexel University

If you are looking for a career-focused degree situated on a thriving urban campus, look no further than Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Drexel is arguably one of the top two universities for co-op in the country, giving students outstanding real-world experience throughout their entire time of enrollment. What is the difference between a co-op (cooperative education) and an internship, you might ask? A co-op gives students access to employers and full-time work experience year-round, alternating work experience with classroom learning. An internship typically involves part-time work if it is during the academic year, or it happens over the summer.

Five Fun Facts about Drexel University (and their co-op program specifically):

1) At Drexel, co-ops are offered in 6 month cycles, giving students the opportunity to gain 6 months or 18 months of real-world work experience by the time they graduate. A student that chooses 1 co-op will graduate in 4 years, while a student that chooses 3 co-ops will graduate in 5 - but guess what? The tuition is the same for 4 and 5 year programs, because you only are paying for tuition during the terms you are enrolled in classes.

2) Drexel has relationships with more than 1,500 employers. Over 80% of positions are paid and the median salary for a 6 month co-op is $18,000.

3) 47.8% of co-op participants received a full-time job offer from a co-op employer in 2018/2019 and because of their work experience gained during college, Drexel graduates earn 19.2% higher than the national average for college graduates.

4) Even students who are interested in starting their own businesses can take advantage of co-ops. Drexel's Close School of Entrepreneurship is the nation's first independent entrepreneurship school to offer degrees. Drexel students who have established their own business can qualify for an entrepreneurship co-op and receive $15,000 in funding, in addition to mentorship and work space.

5) Ever heard of Peanut Chews or TastyKakes? In addition to the infamous cheesesteaks, these are other famous Philly food items that Drexel students can check out as they explore the City of Brotherly Love.

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