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School Spotlight: DePaul University

This week, in honor of St. Valentines's Day, I thought I would profile a Catholic university. Why not choose the largest one in the U.S. - DePaul University in Chicago, IL for this honor?

Here are Five Fun Facts about DePaul:

1) Not sure that you are ready to enroll in a 4-year institution quite yet? DePaul offers high school graduates the opportunity to apply as a visiting undergraduate student. Get a taste of what the campus has to offer before you apply as a full-time student.

2) As a part of the First Year Program, students enroll in a Chicago quarter, where they either take Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago to familiarize themselves with "the metropolitan community, its neighborhoods, cultures, people, institutions, organizations and issues."

3) Animation Career Review provides information about colleges offering animation, design, and gaming programs. They recently ranked DePaul's game design program in the top 10 in the country (#7) and animation program in the top 20.

4) Have a strong academic record, but standardized testing is not your jam? DePaul offers test-optional admissions.

5) DePaul has been recognized as a top choice for students with learning disabilities to succeed. Once admitted to the university, you can apply for accommodations through the Center for Students with Disabilities.

DePaul University

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