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School Spotlight: Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD)

Did you know that CCAD offers 12 BFA programs and has the top illustration program in the midwest? Here are some other fun facts about one of the country's oldest, private, nonprofit art and design schools:

1) CCAD is among the top 25 fashion schools in the world. Columbus is home to the third largest concentration of fashion designers in the U.S. after New York and Los Angeles. Check out careers in fashion of CCAD graduates and check out their amazing work in previous fashion shows hosted at CCAD.

2) Have you dreamed of working at Pixar, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts or Disney Animation Studios? Pursue a major in Animation and you can join the graduates at employers like these and others. The Cloyd Family Animation Center has amazing technology like 24in Cintiq tablets and Dragonframe software so you can learn what you need to know to animate characters for feature films or design video games.

3) CCAD has an intentional focus on healthy creativity for faculty, staff and students. Through activities like yoga and meditation and a day-long digital detox day, CCAD knows that a focus on health and wellness will result in less stress and more professional success in design and the arts.

4) To earn a BFA at CCAD, you will also have to take classes in the liberal arts. Students pursuing a Film and Video degree, for example, will take 36 credits in liberal arts with classes like Writing and the Arts, Business Math for Artists and Designers, and Introduction to Philosophy.

5) Every year, the public can view student work through Chroma, the annual student exhibition. This year, due to Covid-19, the work will be shown virtually.

If your inner artist is inspired to pursue a BFA at a highly respected art and design school, check out the CCAD viewbook to learn more!

Art sculpture outside CCAD

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