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School Spotlight: Case Western Reserve University

Updated: May 8, 2023

A little bit of history: Case Western Reserve University was created when Western Reserve University and the Case Institute of Technology formed a federation in the 1960s and became a modern institution in 1992.

A bit of trivia: Do you know which other midwestern private school is also the merger of a technical college and a traditional university? (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the answer!)

Case Western is located five miles from Downtown Cleveland, giving students access to nearby parks and a host of educational, cultural, arts and sports venues. The CWR student is typically more studious than social, yet the campus community has been described as "warm and inviting."

Five Fun Facts about Case Western Reserve:

1) The most common Bachelor's degree pursued at CWR is in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, followed by Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

2) The most common job for CWR graduates who have pursued the five most specialized majors (Engineering, Legal, Biology, Physical Sciences, and Public Administration and Social Services) is physician.

3) Interested in a course at the Cleveland Institute of Art? As a Case Western student in good standing, you have the ability to take courses offered at the Cleveland Institute of Art and other institutions that are part of a collaborative program facilitating cross-registration.

4) Know that you are interested in dental school or medical school? If you are a competitive student, you can apply to Case's Pre-Professional Scholars Program and be offered conditional admission to Case Western's dental or medical school.

5) Thwing Study Overs are a campus tradition. No, that wasn't a typo - "Thwing" Center is named for Charles Franklin Thwing, President of Case Western from 1890 - 1921. The Thwing Center is a space used by students for a variety of programs, events, classes and other activities. Study Overs are events planned to give students a break from studying for finals in fall and spring.

Answer: Carnegie Mellon University

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