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School Spotlight: Allegheny College

Updated: May 8, 2023

You've seen some spotlights before on other CTCL schools - colleges that share the mission of offering personalized and student-centered experiences. Allegheny is one of these, and also earns the distinction of being one of the oldest colleges in the country - it celebrated its bicentennial in 2015. Allegheny is a 100% residential campus located amidst the rolling hills of Pennsylvania in Meadville, a town of 13,000 full-time residents and 2,000 college students, just 40 minutes from Erie, PA and 90 minutes from Pittsburgh.

Here are 5 fun facts about Allegheny College:

1) Do you have a student who is a lover of learning and has a wide variety of academic interests? One who might have no clue about a potential major when applying to college? Exploration of topics at this liberal arts and sciences college is not just encouraged but is required. Allegheny requires students to take courses across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences before declaring a major and a minor at the end of sophomore year.

2) Allegheny students are actively engaged in the arts and 1 out of 6 students is involved in a vocal or instrumental performance group. Music opportunities are open to majors and non-majors. The Communication, Film, and Theatre department boasts their $23 million state-of-the-art Vukovich Center for Communication Arts, which is also home to an award-winning theatre facility. Students who geek out over 3D printers and laser cutters or design and game-development computers will be excited by the Allegheny Lab for Innovation and Creativity.

3) Environmental Science and Sustainability (ESS) are strengths at this school, the major earning recognition as the #4 ESS program in the nation. ESS students get real, hands-on experience, engaging with governmental and non-profit organizations and agencies as they conduct their research in the field. ESS students have study away or study abroad opportunities at a kibbutz in Israel or at the School for Field Studies in Costa Rica, for example. It was recently announced that the Richard King Mellon Foundation awarded Allegheny a $1.25 million dollar grant to establish a Watershed Conservation Research Center.

4) Undergraduate research is a point of distinction at Allegheny. The Council of Undergraduate Research awarded Allegheny its inaugural Undergraduate Research Accomplishment award back in 2016. Students are required to complete a capstone research project before graduation and are given many opportunities to engage in research during their time in college. More than 100 students engaged in research with faculty during the summer of 2019. Allegheny students have been invited to present at prestigious conferences and have received competitive scholarships and fellowships for their research.

5) Allegheny students have a strong commitment to service. The college ranks 8th in the country for the most alumni serving as Peace Corps volunteers. 10% of Allegheny graduates go on to serve in the Peace Corps and other service organizations. Allegheny partners with over 30 organizations on a consistent basis to give students the opportunity to give back to their community. Civic Engagement helps match students with opportunities to get involved based on their interests.

Visit campus virtually or in-person by signing up here.

Allegheny has several application deadlines to choose from:

November 15 - Early Decision

December 1- Early Action I

February 1 - Early Action II

February 15 - Regular Decision

Go Gators!

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