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Remember, college is a journey and this is just one stop

Without question, this is a difficult time. So much has been lost or taken away, and while this is true for everyone in some way, it seems particularly disheartening for high school seniors. On top of missing out on quintessential senior year moments and experiences, they are anxiously awaiting news about what the next several months might mean - Will I get to move into campus this fall? Will I have to start my first semester of college online? Will I get off the waitlist of my first choice school? Can I still afford to attend the school I originally chose?

Yes, this is an overwhelming time. But, try to keep this in perspective. The college experience is made up of many minutes, hours, days, weeks, semesters and years. While there is a chance that fall semester may not happen in the way you were originally thinking, schools are developing all kinds of contingency plans to deliver the best possible education under the circumstances and to create a campus community even if people are physically apart. Campus life will resume at some point - hopefully sooner rather than later. Unless you have a compelling reason, other than frustration with the relentless virus, there is no need to postpone your education and the path of continued learning and development just because it may look different than you imagined for the short-term.

These times require us to be flexible and adaptable and to make the most of the hand we have been dealt. Do your best to connect with the people on your campus and begin to develop relationships, even if they are over Zoom or FaceTime. If you reach out to admissions staff, current students, and professors online now, you will have many more familiar faces when you do arrive on campus. Most of these people are highly accessible right now - seek out opportunities to connect with them and pay attention to the information the schools are posting to keep you excited and engaged. While we may be feeling "zoomed" out, we are lucky to have the technology to facilitate virtual visits and conversations, so make the most of it. College is a journey - you may encounter a "delay" or "layover" that was unanticipated, but you can still explore your destination while you wait for that plane to take off. When you get there eventually, it will feel that much sweeter.

Waiting for a flight

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