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More COVID-19 testing updates

I have been listening to several presentations by test preparation companies regarding the latest updates to standardized testing, so here you go:

SAT Options:

  • College Board is currently scheduled to offer one SAT per month - August 29, September 26 (new addition), October 3, November 7, and December 5.

  • They are exploring the options for remote testing in the fall, but are definitely not leading with this plan.

  • Registration priority for is being given to students who were originally scheduled to take the June test and to students in the class of 2021. Registration opens in May for the fall test dates.

ACT Options:

  • ACT has not yet canceled their June 13 national ACT and has added June 20 as the make-up dates.

  • They also still have a July 18 national test date with a make-up date of July 25.

  • It is possible that the June dates may be restricted regionally to areas with fewer COVID-19 cases, but they have not yet made the decision to cancel the tests in any markets.

  • Other upcoming ACT dates include September 12 and October 24.

  • Registration opens after July 18 for the fall dates.

ACT is still planning to move ahead with section-retesting in September. They are also preparing for in-home, remote testing for the fall, and are more prepared than the College Board to roll this out successfully, as they have been offering a computer adaptive version of the ACT in international markets already since 2017.

SAT Subject Tests:

There are no schools right now that are requiring the SAT Subject Tests for all applicants for Fall 2021. The schools that typically recommend the SAT Subject Tests are relaxing their requirements this year, given the current environment, the reduced access to testing and the condensed timeframe during which students are having to take the SAT or ACT. The next available SAT Subject Tests are currently scheduled for August 24, if students are desperate to take these :).

Many of these late summer and fall test dates will give students sufficient time to get scores returned before any of the November 1 early decision or early action deadlines. It remains to be seen whether schools push back this early deadline to give more students the chance to take the October ACT or early November SAT. We are likely to see additional test dates added for both of these in the upcoming months.

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