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Look out for the SSAR and the SRAR

While many colleges/universities request official high school transcripts as a part of the application process, some prefer to see a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) or a Self-Reported Student Academic Record (SSAR). Until this year, only the Florida public universities required the SSAR and students who were applying to Florida schools and schools that used the SRAR had to enter their information twice. Thankfully, as of August 1, the systems have come together so students do not need to duplicate work.

As you are reviewing your application requirements, check to see whether the school is requesting the official transcript or the SRAR/SSAR. Your application will be incomplete without this if it is one of the application requirements. The page to create the SRAR/SSAR account can be found here. A list of schools that require this step of the process can be found here.

Check the application requirements page for the specific school to which you are applying to confirm that you are entering the information as they wish to see it. You must make sure that you have a copy of your high school transcript with you when you are filling out the

SRAR/SSAR to confirm that you are entering the information correctly.

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