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Common App Application Updates

The Common Application recently published a report of application trends through February 15, 2022.

Here are the big takeaways:

1) Since 2019-2020 there has been a 20.8% increase in applications submitted to colleges through the Common App.

2) Students are applying to an average of 5.6 schools.

3) Applications across underrepresented subgroups have increased at a higher rate than those from non-underrepresented groups during the same time frame (17% vs. 13%).

4) There has been a 21% increase in first-generation college applications submitted since 2019-2020.

5) 56% of college applicants come from the highest income (top quintile) zip codes and 6% come from the bottom quintile.

6) Geographically, application growth is quite strong, with the exception of the Northeast, which has seen a decrease in students applying to college. Notably, South Carolina has seen a 61% increase in applications, Texas has seen a 40% increase and North Dakota saw a 38% increase in applications from students within their states.

7) 48% of applicants reported standardized test scores, which was an increase from last year's 44% submission rate. Yet, males are reporting test scores at a higher rate than females.

8) Interestingly, in assessing the percentage of in-state applicants by state, Ohio leads the list with 96% of applications being submitted from within the state.

For detailed data and analysis, you can review the report here.

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