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School Spotlight: Columbus State Community College

As a result of financial constraints, healthcare concerns, and social/emotional instability, many students are expected to turn to community colleges in the next coupe of years. A CNBC article earlier this spring entitled "Community colleges could see a surge in popularity amid Covid-19" speaks to this. Community college can be seen as a terrific next step after high school, particularly for students that are unsure about the transition to a four-year residential college or university. Most community colleges have strong transfer agreements with public institutions, creating an easier path for students to pursue a traditional college degree when ready.

Did you know that acceptance and credit transfer are guaranteed to any public Ohio college/university (and many private institutions) when you graduate with an A.A. or A.S. degree?

Check out these Five Fun Facts about Columbus State Community College:

  1. Columbus State has been a top destination in the nation for education in hospitality management and culinary arts. David Miller, President and COO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, is a notable alumnus. The college's newest building, Cameron Mitchell Hall, features new teaching kitchens with state-of-the-art equipment and a student-run restaurant and bakery.

  2. 76% of Columbus State students take on zero student loan debt. Columbus State has one application that gives you access to numerous scholarships ranging from a $500 American Institute of Architects scholarship to the full tuition Future Scientist Scholarship.

  3. Have you always wanted to learn how to use Adobe Indesign or Photoshop? Would you be more marketable with a specialized knowledge in Management Information Systems or Non-Profit Management? Maybe you are looking into the construction industry or pursuing a skilled trade like welding. Columbus State has certificate programs for all of these and many more.

  4. Columbus State has a dual admission partnership with Otterbein to offer you access to two degrees for less than half the cost of an Ohio public university. Start at Columbus State and earn your associate degree before finishing college at Otterbein. Even better - students who graduate Columbus State with a 2.75 GPA or higher are given a $17,000 scholarship towards their bachelor's degree at Otterbein.

  5. Columbus State offers opportunities for academic challenge for those high-achieving students who seek it out - there is an honors program, a STEM club and Future Scientists of Ohio Scholarship Program (referenced earlier) and the opportunity to study abroad. There is also a wide range of support for students with disabilities at Columbus State.

There is more than one path towards higher education - perhaps community college is the right next step for you.

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